Thursday, December 4, 2008

Introduction and mission of this blog.

Welcome to Youth Football Weekly.

The purpose of this blog is to share and learn different ideas and philosophies dealing with youth football. This will include all ages from 5 & 6 year old flag kids, to 8 - 14 year old youth tackle teams, along with the young 14 - 17 year old boys and 18 year old soon to be men that play High School football. Weekly we will announce the football coach that we will interview. During the week we will collect questions from all the blogs members and any interested coaches. Once all the questions are collected we will submit 6 - 15 questions to the coach and once answered we will post the interview.. If you would like to write an article and post it on this site please shoot me an email to rob.olide at

As the owner of the blog I will also document and share my playbooks along with my offensive, defensive, special teams, and practice philosophy. To give you a brief idea of who I am and my background. My name is Coach Robert Olide and I have coached youth sports from ages 4 years old to 16 years old. Even though I have coached baseball, basketball, and fast pitch. My 1st love and passion has always been football and is the sport that I have coached the most. A lot of my ideas and coaching methods where learned from various coaches, books, videos, and through 8+ years of coaching experience. I have had the fortune to learn from very solid and very experienced coaches. Regular season record of the football teams I coached are 66 - 6 - 1, three undefeated seasons, coached on two youth super bowl games and two AYF National Bowl games. I was just a piece of the puzzle and am very thankful to Coach Mustane who gave me the opportunity and trusted me with his defense in my 2nd year of coaching, Coach M. Baumann, Coach C. Baumann, and Offensive guru Coach A. Clark for granting me an opportunity to join their staff and passing on the knowledge from their experiences.

Thank You for visiting and supporting this blog. Please feel free to email any topics, programs, or coaches you would like to read about.


JJimenez1972 said...

Coach,Please share your DW play books with me. I have a team for the after school program and want to run the DW offense. Please help me. Thank You.

coach JJ

CG said...

I have been roped in to coaching a young 8 man tackle squad and would appreciate viewing your play books if at all possible. Best Wishes for 2011!!!