Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Downey Razorbacks UBDW Offense from rob on Vimeo.

In our conference there is a 5-7 year old level. No kid can weight more than 100 lbs. (YES THEIR IS KIDS THAT AGE THAT EXCEED WEIGHT) Many hear flag football and they automatically think of it as a passing league. In our league it is far from that and closer to Rugby as it is full contact no helmet or pads football.

This year we ended up 10-2. Losing our 1st game to an all returners Lynwood team and losing 14-13 to Flag White the oldest Flag team from our City of Downey. However, winning our last 2 tournament games to be crowned Co-Champions. The team you will see on video is compiled by 8 returning players. 2 of them are age 7 and the rest are age 6. Since last year we had ten 5 year old kids. We kept 6 of them and they were are core including the 2 seven year old returners. The other first year 10 players are , one 5 year old, two 7 year old and seven 6 year old players.

It was a great season and hope you enjoy our highlight. Next year most of the players will be moving to a new 7 & 8 year old tackle level.

Coming Soon... Video from my Jr. Pewee Tackle Team.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Video of the UBDW

After emails and calls I was finally able to get some video of our young 8 man full contact team. After not having a camera myself this year and last. I did purchase a very nice Sony HD camcorder. So, from here on out I should be able to get better film.

Anyhow, this is our first game of the season, a little sloppy but you can see how rule blocking at such a young age, kick outs, pulling and fakes are teachable. We beat this team 6 TD's - 0. So far it is the only game that I was able to get. Once I get more I will upload it to youtube and post it. I am highly interested in showing you guys the Loose Plays and Single Wing plays we also ran with this team.

The kids are 5, 6 & 7 year old.
18 kids, 10 Five year old kids, 3 Six year old kids, and 5 seven year old kids. You will see how the speed from our opponent is superior to ours. Notice on a lot of plays our backs are about 5 - 10 yards away from the defenders and still get caught. You will also notice the walls being built by the line. Our starting lines age going from left to right (G = 5, C = 5(my twin boys would switch off here "SHAMELESS DAD PLUG":-), SG = 6, TE = 6, and our Right wing which is also on the line. I had two players that would rotate in and out. One was 7 and the other was 6. Both our FB (3backs) where 7. Also had 3 stud Wing backs (playing 4 back) and 2 kids rotating at QB (1back) One was 7 and our back up was 5.